About us

We always base our production philosophy on quality textile craftsmanship, on the manual skills of production, research and innovation and even today it can boast the skills of a highly specialized staff that has been working in the cutting and packaging laboratory for over 25 years.

The core business of the company is the Scotland Yarn Polo, emblem of the quality of a wide and versatile range, which is renewed with originality over time and which today we offer a world unique POLO.


In addition to EAGLEWEAR brand, we offer a wide and diversified private label service, in order to meet the needs of national and international interlocutors. As a matter of fact, the company manages the entire production cycle internally: from design, to cutting, to packaging, ironing and logistics.
The control of the cycle, the speed of the service in processing orders and our production capacity are the guarantee of an efficient, flexible and reliable personalized service.